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Ajax Control Toolkit Installation in Visual Web Developer

by Nannette Thacker - January 1, 2008

To install the Ajax Control Toolkit, first download the zip file from

Unzip the files into any directory. Give it a name like "AjaxControlToolkit."

Open your Visual Web Developer and right click in the Toolbox area. Select "Add Tab."

Name the tab with something like "Ajax Tookit."

Right click the new tab area, and select "Choose Items..."

This will bring up a dialog box to "Choose Toolbox Items." Select the "Browse" button.

Browse to the directory where you unzipped the Ajax Toolkit files. There is a "SampleWebSite" directory within your "AjaxControlToolkit" directory. Browse to the "Bin" directory within the "SampleWebSite" directory.

Find and select to open the "AjaxControlToolkit.dll" file.

The Choose Toolbox Items dialog will appear, this time with the Ajax Tookit controls selected. Select the "OK" button.

Open or create a web form within your project. Now when you open your toolbox, you will see all of the Ajax Control Toolkit controls, ready for use within your applications.

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