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I was hired to convert this Investment website with forums, memberships, advertising, and more from ASP Classic to ASP.NET - VB.NET. Because the entire conversion process would take months, this project required seamless access between and asp classic sessions without requiring the user to relog into the site. A custom membership provider and custom membership user were created with this application.

My responsibility as senior developer was to setup the base site membership features, home page, login, registration, grids and forms, vs. asp classic session logins, cookie tracking, etc. - then train the programming staff to take over the project.

Tools Used

  • ASP.NET, VB.NET, Visual Studio
  • Custom Membership Provider, Custom Membership User, Custom Membership Roles
  • Web Forms, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, MasterPages, Themes, DHTML, Skins
  • Typed Datasets and Table Adapters, SQL Server Database
Client Site:
Investors Hub

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