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General Services Administration (GSA)
BASICS is a high-profile, $500,000 budget, intranet web application used by Federal Government regional managers, liaisons, chief officers to complete Assurance Statements and Internal Control Reviews. BASICS consists of dynamic fillable forms, custom user controls: menus, treeviews, gridviews, detailsview, tabs, panels, Ajax, spell check, editors, popups, and more features to simplify and streamline the processes. I served as Senior Web Application Developer Programmer, Project Manager, and Analyst. I redesigned the Oracle 11g database schema, the user interface layout and design, gathered requirements, wrote technical specifications, wrote test scripts, and performed testing.

Details & Tools

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • 4.0, 3.5 SP1 Framework
  • Oracle 11g, Oracle.DataAccess.Client
  • Telerik ASP.NET AJAX
  • Custom Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • CSS/HTML Coding, MasterPages, StyleSheets, Themes
  • Custom User Controls, WebForms
Nannette was brought in to revamp an obsolete, cluttered, web application in six months as the sole developer. The application was utilized by the key managers and leaders of the federal government and constantly received complaints of the difficulty of use, as well as loss of data. The client needed a system that would allow the users to easily maneuver between screens to fill out detailed Review and Assurance Statement information. The previous system required the user to fill out the form from start to finish in a specific order, requiring information as they went. The client wanted the users to be able to fill out specific sections, then return to other sections later as they obtained information or wished to edit and update.

Nannette's skills with ASP.NET and Telerik RadControls for AJAX would allow her to hit the ground running and produce a state-of-the-art web application in a short amount of time.
The client wanted a simple method to allow the Reviewers to input information, then see the entire review on one page. From that one page, they wanted the ability to easily edit a specific area of the Review.

Nannette was able to provide a completed report with Grid selectors, Repeaters embedded within Grids, Comboboxes with embedded Checkbox templates, TreeView selectors, and more.

Implementing an Editor and Upload for file and image uploading, Nannette was able to create an editable online manual with embedded images and videos, spell checking, Auto-Saving with a Timer, and much more. Utilizing a TabStrip and TreeView, Nannette was easily able to implement the difficult parent, child, grandchild relationship that bogged down the previous version of the application with the Functions, Objectives, and Techniques.

The client wanted a system with complete online help. Utilizing a ToolTip control, Nannette was able to easily add information populated from the Online Manual and display it on every screen in the system, as well as next to numerous fields.

The system used a horizontal, drop down, flyout Menu system for all pages of the site. But specific modules utilized a left sidebar menu system with options specific to that module. To provide a fluid movement throughout the system, Nannette utilized the AjaxLoadingPanel and AjaxPanels.

In the below documents panel, you may select a document link to open a video presentation demonstrating the use of the system with editors, grids, tree views, comboboxes, search filters, and more.
Administrator Panel to Demonstrate Combobox Selector, Grid Selector, Editor Video
In this example, from our Search screen, we see how we can use a combobox selector with multiple checkboxes to select multiple items utilizing a small amount of screen space.

Also, our search results grid demonstrates a grid within a grid - we see our search results of reviews, and with each review, we have a child grid containing all of the reviewers assigned to that review.

From our Reviewer Editor panel, we see a User Search Filter and Search Results Grid on the right, and an Editor panel and list of Reviewers grid on the left.

This is a demonstration of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) BASICS Web Application Reviewers Administration pages.

In this demo, you will see examples of my ASP.NET Web Application Development and examples of using the Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax:
  • RadComboBox with checkboxes for multiple selections with limited screen space using the option to DataBind a CheckBox template.
  • RadGrid with a MasterTableView, NestedViewTemplate of a Repeater displaying the Reviewers in a separate child grid under each Review
  • RadMenu - The drop down, flyout menu at the top of the pages utilizes the RadMenu. The left sidebar menu also utilizes the RadMenu.
  • RadAjaxLoadingPanel - When updating the page you'll notice the RadAjaxLoadingPanel.

    Shining Star Services LLC and Nannette Thacker can help you with your next Database driven Web Application Project.

  • Reviewers and User Selector Panel Demo Video
    In this demonstration, we see how to create a panel which contains a user search filter and grid to select an existing user and add them to the Reviewer Editor screen. Upon saving the selected user, the Reviewer grid is updated immediately to show this user as a selected Reviewer. If you are entering a new user, we see how to add them in the Reviewer Editor. The sysem will check for a duplicate and add them if non-existent, or look them up if they already exist.
    Tab Panel, Tree View, Grid Selector, and Editor Demo Video
    In this demo, we see how we can create a 3 panel Tab Panel. In the left panel, we have our tree view selector listing our existing parent, child, and grandchildren records. On the right, we see 3 tab panels, utilized to edit the parent, child, and grandchildren records for the Functions, Objectives, and Techniques. Each editor panel also has a grid selector to select from an existing set of records, or type in a new record.
    Editor and Grid Selector Tutorial Video
    In this demonstration, we select to edit the Guidance and Authority screen from an editable report. On the screen, we can save our response to our first custom question, and immediately be taken to the next question. As questions are answered, the question and answer are immediately displayed in the selector grid.
    Reviewers Module
    In this screenshot, you see a horizontal menu bar, side menu bar, right search filter with grid search results, middle grid selector and reviewer editor with comboboxes.
    Validation Report Editor buttons, Grid and Repeater
    In this screenshot, you see a validation report. In these segments of the report, we use tables, grids, and repeaters. The invalid areas display in red in the report. The user can run a report, and immediately see all the portions of the report that are missing data, then click an edit button or row in a grid to return to the editor and make changes.
    Validation Report Treeview
    In this screenshot, you see a validation report. In these segments of the report, we use treeviews and repeaters. The invalid areas display in red in the report. The user can run a report, and immediately see all the portions of the report that are missing data, then click a row in the treeview to return to the editor and make changes.
    Guidance and Authority
    In this screenshot, you see a horizontal menu bar, side menu bar, selector grid of available questions, answer editor, and tooltip popup.

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