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Demonstration of RadGrid, RadCombobox with Checkboxes, RadMenus, RadAjaxLoadingPanel, Repeater in a Working Web Application
In this demonstration of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) BASICS Web Application Reviewers Administration pages, we see the effective use of combining .NET controls with RadControls.

In this example, from our Search screen, we see how we can use a combobox selector with multiple checkboxes to select multiple items utilizing a small amount of screen space.

Also, our search results grid demonstrates a grid within a grid - we see our search results of reviews, and with each review, we have a child grid containing all of the reviewers assigned to that review.

From our Reviewer Editor panel, we see a User Search Filter and Search Results Grid on the right, and an Editor panel and list of Reviewers grid on the left.

In this demo, you will see examples of my ASP.NET Web Application Development and examples of using the Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax:
  • RadComboBox with checkboxes for multiple selections with limited screen space using the option to DataBind a CheckBox template.
  • RadGrid with a MasterTableView, NestedViewTemplate of a Repeater displaying the Reviewers in a separate child grid under each Review
  • RadMenu - The drop down, flyout menu at the top of the pages utilizes the RadMenu. The left sidebar menu also utilizes the RadMenu.
  • RadAjaxLoadingPanel - When updating the page you'll notice the RadAjaxLoadingPanel.

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