Shining Star Services

Trabon Solutions

Nannette joined our team for a complex, time-sensitive project that used numerous new technologies. She mastered the new tools quickly and provided key contributions throughout the project. She is exceptionally well-organized and thorough. She is a great team player and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to use her again.

Greg Deitch, Vice President and Partner, Trabon Solutions


Nannette completed a project for one of our most important clients [Quest Diagnostics]. The client was extremely pleased with her technical skills and work ethic. She made MegaForce look great and I am thankful for her hard work and effort while representing us.

Kelly Moore, Account Manager, MegaForce, LLC

General Services Administration (GSA)

Nannette joined GSA to tackle an application riddled with technical problems which hampered GSA's ability to properly run the internal control program. She demonstrated exceptional analytical abilities, cutting edge knowledge of the industry, and a keen ability to understand the needs of the users and translate those needs into a simple, user-friendly application which went above and beyond the expectations of the customer. Users and administrators of the application have had nothing but praise at the success of the project and the end product. She was able to accomplish this difficult and complex task in half the time of what we anticipated and she accomplished it in a professional, responsive manner. I have no reservations in highly recommending her for future projects.

Scott Wheeler, Internal Control and Audit Division, Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Kansas University Medical Center Central Plains Geriatric Education Center

Nannette worked with us from April to July 2011 as a Senior ASP.NET Web Application Developer on an Online Registration and Payment project for the Kansas University Medical Center Central Plains Geriatric Education Center web application.

Nannette is a highly skilled, hard working IT professional and strives to meet client timelines. Nannette is able to quickly grasp business concepts and builds applications in the fastest possible way.

She helped us convert an asp web database application to a more efficient and high standard database application--similar to switching from a Honda Civic to a BMW. The application and database were entirely redesigned and old database values imported into the new tables.

She is able to develop complicated online registration, ecommerce payment systems, content management systems, and an administration module with detailed search features to handle populating the database table values and administering users and courses.

She is also sharing her expertise with us by transferring the knowledge needed to maintain the application. I definitely recommend her for other institutions and companies.

Li Huang - Central Plains Geriatric Education Center Staff Lead Developer


Nannette was an amazing partner in the development of our website. She not only delivered the applications that we envisioned, but also brought several great ideas to our team that were ultimately incorporated in the final design. She went above and beyond our expectations and will make a great addition to any development team.

Joe Ortiz, Chief Executive Officer

Red Sage Communications, Inc.

Nannette was professional and easy to work with. She turned a variety of programming projects around for us in a short amount of time and made sure everything met all specs required. I recommend Nannette and her programming expertise without hesitation.

Ellen Didier, President Red Sage Communications, Inc.

Investor's Hub

Nannette was instrumental in giving us a leg up in our long-term project of converting one of our sites from Classic ASP to ASP.NET. Not only did she very quickly come up to speed on the nature of our extremely busy website and the programming methodologies our traffic levels force upon us, she completed her portion of the project well ahead of schedule, epitomizing the conscientious contractor's creed of "Working myself out of a job". She accomplished in one month what we expected to take three months to complete and not only got the programming work done to our satisfaction, she helped us learn what was uncharted territory for us.

She'll always be at the top of our list of who to call whenever we need to bring "heavy hitters" on-board for future projects.

Bob Zumbrunnen, Investors Hub, Inc. (Real Estate Exchange)

Nannette has done an incredible programming job. Her input has led to a sophisticated, user-friendly platform. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a first class professional programmer.

- Steve Wright,

March 21, 2001

Dear Nannette,

I want to express my appreciation for your phenomenal web development skills and your continued support over the last year with the development of

After initially working with three different data base developers whose attempts were all unsuccessful at designing, structuring and implementing a backend that would drive our ASP site, it was you that picked up the pieces and was able to build a final product that has set us apart from other real estate listing websites.

Your quality programming has been recognized by the industry leaders earning 4 website awards in the last few months, including a five star rating from Editors Choice award for Real Estate Software.

Thanks to your creative input and ability to write amazing code our site continues to be the only web based application where users can automatically structure multiple property transactions by doing searches within a search to meet their specific Have/Want criteria then automatically balance equities and submit email offers to all parties in the transaction.

I am convinced that if you had not taken over our project a year ago we would not have a website today. Very few developers in the world are able to create a fully automatic, integrated database that is capable of supporting the numerous tasks that our interface requires.

You are the best.


Steve Wright

President & C.E.O. Inc.
The M.L.S. for Property Exchanges

Nannette is extremely talented, incredibly fast, unbelievably responsive, and totally responsible. I owe a good part of the success of my business to her excellent help.
David Simon,


Thanks for the terrific (and fast) work on the TDS (Technical Design Specification). I feel like I got a lot for my money (check's in the mail, BTW), which is how everyone should make their clients feel (and why I abandoned the ColdFusion developers I contacted first).

David Simon,

Expert Notes

March 3, 2001

For over a year Nannette Thacker has been the sole ASP developer for Expert Notes, a knowledge management application service provider. During that time Nannette has:
  • crafted complex dynamic ASP pages
  • written SQL Server database-driven ASP pages
  • built advanced search features using IIS
  • written extensive SQL strings that manipulated user data as well as handling system, administrative and accounting functions
  • provided data security with multiple permission and data access levels
  • developed a single integrated view that spans multiple knowledge domains
  • automated e-mail distribution driven from the user profile
  • implemented file upload from the user's browser
  • insured cross-platform compatibility for Netscape and IE 3.2 and above
Her skill goes beyond just coding. In our application she worked with the design team to create page design, she designed the SQL Server schema and used her experience to recommend features that significantly enhanced our product. In the few cases where she needed to develop something she was not experienced in she found the necessary component, discussed the implementation with other developers, and trained herself on its implementation.

Nannette has the drive and initiative to work with minimal direction and specification. In many instances a short description was all it took for her to implement extensive additional features. Throughout this development Nannette worked well in the virtual environment of Expert Notes – we are spread across the United States and remain in contact via telephone and e-mail.

Nannette's skill with ASP programming is impressive. She is not only extremely professional and meticulous she is also fast. As one of Microsoft's first independent trainers and consultants I have trained and worked with many programmers so it is without reservation that I can say that she is one of the most proficient programmers I've had the pleasure to work with.

Ron Person
Expert Notes, CEO

Sprint PCS

...throughout the project, Nannette proved to be the conscientious worker any manager would love. She overcame shortfalls of the technical team & wore lot's of hats in order to keep the project on-track. This included keeping me - the customer informed of progress, doing documentation & code walkthroughs to ensure requirements were met and testing a breeze. Nannette will be a great asset to your Team.

Tom Keel
Sprint PCS